Eine bayrische Liebe. Ein amerikanischer Traum.

Die Fotografin von Barbara & Andy, Dalibora Bijelic schrieb uns ein paar Zeilen über die Hochzeit. Wie sie das Brautpaar kennengelernt hat und wie sie den Tag erlebt hat. Wir freuen uns so schöne Bilder vorstellen zu können.

When I first read their email about how they want me to be their wedding photographer, I was so thrilled and happy. Actually, I couldn’t believe they wanted me to travel to Germany, stay there for four days and take photos of their wedding. We first met at Barbara’s cousin’s wedding in Split, Croatia. They saw the photos and knew right away they wanted to hire me, they just didn’t know if I was willing to travel. Since they live in Berkeley, San Francisco, we spoke few times over skype and tried to get to know each other better over those few months before the wedding. I saw they are two down-to-earth people that love each other so much. Barbara decided to move to USA to be closer to Andy, leave everything behind. I couldn’t wait to meet them in person.

The whole weekend of the wedding was amazing. When my assistant Tina and me finally arrived to Zwiesel, we were welcomed in most beautiful way. Barbara and Andy seemed like old friends and made us feel as if we were home. We were situated in GlasHotel, a small family hotel which was just across Barbara’s parent’s house. The ambient, the rooms, the view, the food… oh gosh! When I think about it, I wish to go back.

Barbara and Andy didn’t want to skip Bavarian tradition, so they decided to have a traditional civil wedding. It was Friday and it was so hot, we all thought we’re gonna melt. The ceremony was hard to understand for me, since my german is not perfect, but all that mattered to me was the looks and the smiles and the happiness in that room. And boy, did they look and smile and showed how happy they were to be there with their most loving friends and family. Their friends traveled from all over the world just to be there and celebrate with them. Berkeley scientists, Harvard professors, Moscow basketball players, childhood friends from Zwiesel… they were all there. It really didn’t matter who is from where and who does what in their life. Everyone blended and it was all about Barbara and Andy.

On the day of their church wedding everything was a fairytale. The dress, the church, the ceremony, the reception, the cake, the music, the games they played… Me and Tina were more guests than anything else. Everyone had so much fun. It was truly a celebration of love. Of two people finding each other and finding happiness together. Words cannot describe how grateful not only as a photographer, but also as a person I am for getting this opportunity and being a part of their story. It’s why I love this job. And I hope, in years to come, my photos will remind them of all those butterflies and feelings we all had on the day they said „I do“.

Mehr Bilder zur wunderschönen Hochzeit von Barbara & Andy findet ihr hier.






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Fotografie: Dalibora Bijelic Photography

Location: Glashotel, Zwiesel, Deutschland

Make up Artist: Kathrin Anna Wittke



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